harpHere’s a list of artists and bands that you can see at Tir Na Nog. Be sure to check the calendar to see when your favorite act is playing next.

Mary Courtney – Irish folk music

Seamus Kelleher – Irish folk music

The Shanty’s – Irish rebel music

Birmingham Six – Traditional Irish music

Kevin McCloskey – Traditional Irish music

Mike Brill – Traditional and folk irish music

Bill O’Neal – Traditional Irish music

Kelly Fragale – cover music

Sean McNally, Glenn & Sean Sutor – Traditional Irish music

Paul Kennedy Jr & Paul Kennedy Sr – Traditional Irish music

Matt Kennedy – Rock and roll and jazz

Nicki Sbaffoni – Cover music

David Falcone – Folky jazz

Ed Wilson – Rock and roll music

Mike Barniskis – Rock and roll music

Radio Fiction – Rock and roll music

Dixiecrats – Dixieland jazz

John Byrne & Andy Koontz – Traditional Irish music

Ned Malone -Traditional Irish music

Brothers Malone – Traditional Irish music

Taylor Reed & Chay Taylor – Rock and roll music

Frank Thewes – Traditional Irish, rock and country music

Tommy Glover – Traditional Irish, rock and country music

Krazy Koyote – Bluegrass music

Joe Vadala – Rock and roll music